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Hwa Rang World Tang Soo Do Federation 화랑 세계 당수도 연맹
16901 San Fernando Mission Blvd
Granada Hills, CA 91344

I am here to provide you with knowledge of traditional Tang Soo Do (Korean Traditional Martial Arts). It's purpose is to develop every aspect of the self, in order to create a mature person who totally integrates his/her intellect, body, emotions, and spirit.  Through the virtues of faithfulness, perseverance, and honesty, it is you who will achieve your goals. If you want to be a Great Warrior, you must be willing to sacrifice the time and effort to reach it. Do not just attend class, but analyze the techniques, dissect the movements. "Perfect practice makes perfect," and perfection only comes if you work for it.

Kwan Jang Nim HoSik Pak